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San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold 2020

Double Gold Winner

SF World Spirits

Barrel Proof Bourbon

Aged more than four years, and bottled uncut at barrel proof, this limited release is meant to be enjoyed slowly.


Vary %

Available Sizes

200ml / 750ml




“TC Barrel Proof is at another level. Impressive nose is followed by a rich palate with huge complexity. If you find this bottle, don’t miss it!”
- Whiskey Monster -
“A crowd favorite, either off the shelf or via a store pick, for its robust pallet that brings supreme drinkability even at 116.6°. Caramel on the nose leads to a red twizzler finish with rye spice!”
- Bonded in Bottles -
“Truly amazing with just the perfect amount of heat and balance with a long finish topped off with salted caramel as the primary note.”
- The Whiskey Thief -

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